Beurer Weight Management WM-80

  • Professional heart rate monitor
  • ECG-accurate heart rate measurement
  • Interference-free digital transmission
  • Average and Maximum heart rate
  • Calorie consumption and fat burning
  • Compatible, PC interface (USB + Software)

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Heart Rate Monitor+SpeedBox+diagnostic scale

Data transfer: The Speedbox provides data for determining the distance in km and speed. The diagnostic scale sends the current weight and body fat percentage to the pulse watch. The heart rate monitor is connected to a PC clip to the USB port on the PC and transmits training data, weight, body fat and personal data. Evaluation of the data and applications in the calendar: Here, a training plan can be entered and are compared in an illustrative graph with the actually worked workouts. Weight management: In this area, you can enter his desired weight. Taking into account the personal calorie consumption of the training plan of calorie consumption is determined. The current BMI and body fat values ​​are organized into a diagram.

• Professional heart rate monitor:
• ECG-accurate heart rate measurement
• Interference-free digital transmission
• Individual training range settable and alarm
• Average (AVG) and Maximum heart rate (MAX)
• Calorie consumption and fat burning
• Determining a fitness level, including interpretation
• Automatic training zone suggestion BMR / AMR in Kcal
• Calories BMR
• Activity calorie needs VO2 max
• Time and Calendar, Day / Date, alarm and stopwatch
• 50 lap times per workout
• Average heart rate per lap
• Waterproof 50, bike mount
• Compatible, PC interface (USB + Software)
• Digital chest strap with flexible tension belt
• Diagnostic scale:
• XXL display (16.5 x 3.5 cm) (Gewichtsanzeigen- digit size 28 mm)
• Platform made of safety glass
• Electrodes made of sandblasted stainless steel
• Determination of body weight, body fat, body water, muscle percentage and bone mass
• Graduation: 0.1% for body fat, body water and muscle percentage, 100g for body weight and bone mass
• Interpretation of body weight, body fat, body water and muscle percentage
• Trend display BMR + AMR athlete mode with 5 activity levels
• Stations for digital transmission of body weight and body fat, transmitters for digital transmission of body weight and body fat
• 10 user memory and each 5 measurement memory
• Shutdown, Tap-on technology
• Switchover from kg / lb / st
• Including 3 x AAA batteries (AAA)
• Speedbox:
• Continuous detection of foot-acceleration in two dimensions
• Interference-free digital transmission
• Determining the running distance in km
• Current speed
• Target time and target range can be set via the clock = target speed
• Individual running style calibrated, waterproof case, to attach to the laces
• Power button and flashing LED in signal transmission
• Includes battery

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