Dawlance Twin Tub Semi Automatic Washing Machine DW-7500 G

1 year brand warranty


Color:White & Grey

Type:Twin Tub

No. of Control Knobs:3

Water Inlet :Double- For Wash & SpinMachine

Weight:20 kg.td>

Standardized Water Consumption (Litres):89.1 (High) – 68.1(Medium) – 48.7 (Low)

Wash Cycle (mins):15 minutes

Spin Cycle (mins.):10 minutes


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Deep Water Wash

Better detergent mixing and foam formation for complete stain removal

Shower Rinse

Allows for better stain removal & detergent dissolution

Large Capacity

Large volume with a compact size

Wide ImpellerGives enhanceed wash ability
thanks to high rub design

Color: White & Grey
Type: Twin Tub
No. of Control Knobs: 3
Water Inlet : Double- For Wash & Spin
Machine Weight: 20 kg.td>
Standardized Water Consumption (Litres): 89.1 (High) – 68.1(Medium) – 48.7 (Low)
Wash Cycle (mins): 15 minutes
Spin Cycle (mins.): 10 minutes
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