LG Microwave Oven MH8265DIS – 42 Litre – Smart Inverter With Convection & Grill

1 year brand warranty

  • Smart Inverter
  • Even Heating
  • Even Defrosting
  • Fast Cooking
  • Various Cooking
  • Stable Working

Original price was: ₨ 79,999.Current price is: ₨ 64,999.

Also available on Easy Installments at AlfaMall.

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Simple, Versatile, LG NeoChef™

It shows LG Neochef™ placed in the kitchen.

Enjoy Tasty Food with Even Heating and Fast Cooking

Every dish you prepare will taste better as it was cooked more evenly and thoroughly, locking in flavor.
The animation shows a even heating technology of LG Neochef through the process of making hot chocolate.

The animation shows that a meat is being defrosted more evenly by  LG NeoChef™ in comparison to the other one being defrosted by conventional microwave oven.

Even Heating & Defrosting

No Worry to Frozen and Overheat Patty

Smart Inverter controls precisely temperature to heat foods up and defrost evenly.
The animation shows that a bowl of popcorn is being cooked faster by  LG NeoChef™ than the other one being cooked with conventional microwave oven.
Fast Cooking

Cook Faster Enjoy More

Detailed cooking power distributes heat a wide range of foods 1.5 times faster.
LG Infrared Heating™

Make a Variety of Healthier Dishes

Let your cooking simple and enjoyable with the suitable temperature for various cooking to make your cooking healthy.

It is a grill iconGrill

It is a frying iconFrying

It is a fermentation iconFermentation

It is a steaming iconSteaming

It show various dishes set on the table cooked with LG Neochef.
User-Friendly Features

Highly Convenient User Centered Functions

It shows a hand wiping the inner side of LG Neochef™


EasyClean™ provides a quick and convenient way to clean your oven.
It shows the turn table with the 8 stable points.

Stable Turntable

It shows  LG Neochef™ that inner led lamp on.

3 Times Brighter LED Lamp

It shows a big dish put in the LG Neochef™.

Smaller Size, Larger Capacity

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